Dive with us into the world of light

During Beamshows you are not looking at a projection screen, but are yourself in the middle of a sea of colorful light beams moving in sync with the music.

Outdoor Beamshow
Hochzeitslasershow Beamshow

Stand out from the crowd.

The surreal interplay of laser and music will leave a lasting impression on your visitors - many people have never experienced a laser show before.

The fine fog / haze makes the beams from the laser visible, so it is our job to always provide the right haze.

With the help of several high-performance fog machines we can provide the right haze even for larger outdoor events.

Outdoor Beamshow
Beamshow in einer Kirche

By using hazers we provide the right haze even in small rooms without affecting the visitors' view.

Safety also plays a major role for us.

Each show is supervised by a certified laser safety officer to ensure the show is safe for you and your visitors. You can take full care of your visitors and enjoy the show.

Beamshow in einer Kirche
Live Beamshow

Each laser show is unique.

With us you don't get a show off the rack, every show is created individually for your event. Accordingly, each show is perfectly adapted to the location, from a small hall to an OpenAir Stage.

We will make your event unforgettable.