Set new standards with your event

You want something special?

Are you presenting a new product or is your city celebrating an anniversary?

With the help of our laser technology, we set the scene for your highlight.

Lasermapping with lighting
Carmapping with lights

During laser mapping, certain contours are traced by our lasers, through this tracing a completely new presentation layer is created.

Lasermapping with 3d graphic

Thus, your object shines in a completely new, unprecedented, perspective. From the smallest product to the largest object, our laser mapping is the ideal crowd puller and engages your audience with its effect.

Whether cultural spectacle, product show, trade fair highlight, kick-off, employee event, ... with an individual laser mapping you provide the audience with its lasting effect for the ultimate attention.


In addition to attracting attention, our laser mapping also generates curiosity in the audience and remains in the memory for a long time with a well thought-out concept using the latest technology and individual content.

Set emotions free with our laser mapping, because you can't make a decision without emotions.